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Anointed Women of Influence event

Posted on 6th August 13'


On Saturday, I was invited to speak at a truly engaging networking event in Southend called Anointed Women of Influence alongside Fungai Ndemera.


It was a night of inspiration and motivation that allowed us to share our stories of business/personal success to give the audience the spirit, knowledge and insight to start and grow their own businesses whilst dealing with ongoing issues like the economic downturn and being a woman in a male-dominated business world.


The organiser of the event – Charmaine Mutsago – did amazingly well in getting all the ladies together and making sure the venue was decked out in a plush and beautifully decorated way. Everyone came out and represented by dressing immaculately in long, beautiful dresses, heels, glamorous hair and flawless make-up. 


The DJ (DJ Arthur) created a real ambience for the evening mixing up the musical vibes to create a sociable and vibrant party evening. 


Fungai spoke about being a strong character and some of the ups and downs your business can go through. She referred to her own personal experience in business (she owns a nursing agency) and the tough times that she has experienced working on late and early morning shifts, simply to put all of this money earned into her business to help it off the ground in its first year of operating.


I spoke about my personal experiences and what I’ve achieved this year having ran the 5 mile Lottery Anniversary Run in the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, winning the JCI Young Entrepreneur Award and having my daughter become a teenager as well as my son leaving home (he will be going to university next year). I also touched on my business and some of the highs and lows I’ve experienced, including the new contract that we have won representing Start-up Loans and the financial service they provide for young entrepreneurs.


After both presentations, there were spotlight speakers speaking about their businesses spanning from beauty & make-up, hair, bridal clothing, hen night planning, high tea event planning, unique jewellery and healthy eating catering.


After this, we all let loose and danced on the dancefloor and networked.



But what truly touched my heart was the fact that some ladies who attended a speaking engagement I did last year, came back out again to this event to see me talk and to tell me personally how they have been inspired by me to start up their businesses. It was so humbling.


Below are two of the testimony examples from the event:


She was inspired to start her own business at the last event that was held last year at Fungai’s house. She had many ideas and interests but struggled to lay her finger on what exactly should be the main foundation of her business.


After meeting Fungai and I at the event last year and hearing them speak of their own business successes and struggles, and they worked to overcome these she sat down and really thought about exactly how she could better her life through entrepreneurship.


She now buys and sells items that look like confectionary and sweets such as “Cupcake Soaps” and so far is really enjoying being her own boss. She was happy that she attended the event last year and is proud of her achievements thus far. She thanked me for being her inspiration.



She also attended the event last year and heard me speak and motivate the women that attended to really take ownership of their lives, passions and income.


She had an eye for unusual jewellery and therefore started her own jewellery business buying and selling unique pieces. Her business is doing so well that she also intends to expand her reach across the pond to America.


It was because of me that she decided to expand what she enjoyed from a hobby into a business, and is so thankful and happy that she met me this time last year.



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