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An Evening With Tropical Sun

Posted on 21st March 18'

Award Winning Entrepreneur Mavis Amankwah Presents An Evening With Tropical Sun














Tropical Sun

Mavis Amankwah
 and Rich Visions made history last night, bringing over 40 African-Caribbean and Black-British media houses and promoters together all under one roof to present an evening with Tropical Sun and the African Caribbean media; something that has never happened before!

The evening attracted the attendance of a number of senior media executives, journalists and partners from the African and Caribbean media and communities across the UK. Media attended included BlacknetThe VoiceTrumpet Media GroupAfrican Voice and Global Radio, to name a few.

Ahead of an interactive Q & A session, attendees were treated to drinks, canapés and food made from the Tropical Sun range of products. After, delegates were given a tour of Wanis’ 120,000 sq ft warehouse. They stock over 8000 world food and drink product lines – providing an insight into why the company is UK’s leading distributor of World Food and Drink.

The journey started in 1996. Tropical Sun began importing a few specialist ingredients and daily essentials for the UK’s thriving ethnic communities. As word spread, it began receiving requests for specific items. Spices, oils, drinks and snacks that have helped people stay connected to their cultures.


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Tropical Sun – High-Quality Products

Over the years, it has expanded its offering to several hundred high-quality products. They’re available from the Tropical Sun website, supermarkets and independent stores across the UK. However, they have come under fire over recent years for not giving enough publicity to its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

All misconceptions about the brand and the company were soon silenced. It had been putting back into the communities, specifically, its manufacturing factory in Jamaica. It employs indigenes, using local produce for which a fair price is paid. Tropical Sun has also developed and refurbished the Jose Marti Technical High School and White Marl Primary School in Spanish Town. It also recently built a home for a woman in Ghana who has taken 17 orphans into her family.

Kapil Wadhwani, the director for Wanis, emphasised that ‘Tropical Sun is very much a family affair.

“Our family includes all our partners, suppliers, customers and the individuals that work alongside us.”.


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Today, Tropical Sun offer over 450 products from all over the world including Asia, the Middle East and South America. Check out their line for yourself!

-Mavis and team 


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