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Afternoon Tea: Business In Heels

Posted on 24th August 15'

This was my first Diva Visions event of the year and I am so happy it was a great success. The day was hosted by the beautiful Hannah Oyewole, founder of Young Ladies Club who introduced the afternoon and the RV team. The afternoon tea was served with a selection of finger sandwiches, scones, raspberry jam, clotted cream and a selection of cakes.

We had 3 great guest speakers. The first was Chika Russell, CEO and founder of Chikas Foods she came and joined us to celebrate the ethos of Diva Visions. Chika is renowned for her Dragons’ Den’s pitch where she wooed all 4 Dragons to fight for a share in her business. Chika shared her experience and provided tips on how to pursue your passion in business start-ups and utilise contacts to build your brand.

The second speaker was Shamin Iqbal, Directra of Rec Tra. She shared her fascinating story about marrying young, raising children and studying law. Also how she decided to start her own company which was worth £60k within 3 months of starting.

The third speaker was Shakira Martin, NUS Vice president for Further Education. Shakira shared her story of how she was able to leave a life of drug selling, drug abuse, racial abuse and domestic violence and utilise the strengths of those situation to turn her life around and represent 4 million young people in the UK.

Finally Angela Harkness, founder of High Heelers, shared the values of starting your own business and provided statistical examples of how we can build our personal and business profile via various social media platforms.

The afternoon came to a close with Harmz LDN mesmerising the crowd with her afro house sound.

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