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African Diaspora Awards 2013 Nomination!**

Posted on 26th April 13'

Mavis Amankwah

It’s an amazing blessing to be recognised for all you do and your achievements past and present. I recently found out that I have been nominated for the African Diaspora Awards this year in the ‘Outstanding Achievement in Media’ category**. This is such a wonderful achievement for me and I am really happy to be nominated amongst such successful people like Lanre Akinola – Editor, Financial Times (This is Africa), Rageh Omaar (Journalist), Henry Bonsu (Director, Colourful Radio), Alistair Soyode (MD, Ben TV), Regina Jane Jere  (Editor, New Women Africa Magazine), Michelle Ogundehin (Editor-in-chief, of ELLE Decoration), and Reya El-Salahmi (BBC).


The Africa Diaspora Awards (ADA) ceremony is an event which celebrates, honours and recognises achievement from within the African Diaspora community.The Awards will be one of the most significant events within the African and broader diaspora community; it is anticipated that it will become a major annual event. A pioneering, unique and prestigious event, the African Diaspora Awards is an event which pays tribute to African success across all walks of life; emphasising achievement and highlighting inspirational role models in the fields of business, sport, entertainment, philanthropy and popular arts and culture.


These awards celebrate diversity and multiculturalism and the achievements of the contemporary and historical African diaspora community in the UK. The African diaspora in the UK has, over the past decade, achieved greater recognition for their positive contrbution to Africa’s development as well as to that of the United Kingdom. This is a momentous time for the wider African diaspora, and for Africa; in recognition of the achievements and sacrifices on which any success is based , the Awards provide a unique and prestigious celebration of the African Diaporans who have followed their dreams and overcome hardship to achieve success.


Their Vision is to:

• Highlight the positive contributions the African diaspora community makes to the UK and to Africa.
• Recognise and reward the contributions of migrants to the UK Community.
• Recognise the achievements of multiculturalism and help to promote new thinking on multiculturalism.
• Highlight and recognise the partnerships and achievements between the African diaspora and Africa.
• Highlight the entrepreneurial spirit and resilience of the African diaspora and multicultural communities in the UK.


Please have a look at the full list of nominees for all the categories at this year’s awards…


**UPDATE: I’m afraid I was unsuccessful in winning this award but it was a true pleasure to have been nominated. Thanks for all your love and support. 


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