Winner of 16 business and community awards, featured in 200+ media titles, named as one of the most influential people in PR 2009-2015


Eugina Oleinikova – Founder & CEO of Eugina O Liberty

Teddy Samba – Founder of The HeavyTrackerz

I have worked with Mavis for almost a decade and in that time I have known her to be hard-working and compassionate. She cares about her clients and helped me to nurture and grow my business beyond what I thought was possible. I sincerely look forward to working with her for many more years to come and would recommend her to anyone in need of business help.
Yasar Zaman – CEO at Empire Group UK

Mavis is an inspirational business woman.  Her drive and ambition is admirable, and I have had the pleasure to work with her over the past 12 months.  I admire Mavis’ strength and motivation to drive forward business through the highs and lows.  Her huge support network is evidence of her great work and her ability to draw in a crowd is incredible.  Mavis has supported so many businesses and helped them to grow which she should be very proud of.
Danielle Padfield – Senior Relationship Manager (Professional & Financial Services/ Commercial & Private Banking) Natwest

Mavis is a fantastic and inspiring woman who I have had the pleasure of working in partnership with. Her approach to work and natural drive is contagious. Getting to know her as a person was something I found to be very educational. Coupled with a great sense of humour Mavis is serious about her goals and those she aims to assist. Her accreditations and awards speak for themselves and I believe her path is one many will follow as she has opened and continues to open doors through her Rich Visions brand. I do my utmost to attend her seminars and networking opportunities as she draws in the best of London’s entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Always ready to give advice and extremely approachable I can only see an abundance of success for her as a person, her multiple company’s and those blessed enough to work alongside her. I hope she continues to achieve funding and support from Government and private organisations as she has so much more to give.
Kwame Badu – Managing Director Blueprint Recruitment Group Ltd

I have worked with Mavis in both a personal and professional manner. Sometimes as a business owner you need to turn to another professional to help motivate you. After a long illness I turned to Mavis to help me in this capacity. The advice she provided was meaningful and I was grateful at this time in my life to have someone to support me. I found her to be professional, understanding and caring. The direction she offered was priceless and it gave me the boost I needed. I would definitely recommend Mavis as she has a wide range of knowledge and understanding of businesses. Mavis truly cares about her clients and wants them to succeed, which can be very rare. I have attended and also spoken at a number of Mavis’ events and have found them to be inspirational and highly encouraging.
Sapphire Gray – SG Business Consultancy & Training Limited

I have had the pleasure of working with Mavis for over 5 years now on a number of different business support projects such as the Leadership and Management Grant, Fit for Legacy (an Olympic Legacy Project) and most recently with the Business Lab based in Stratford. I have always found Mavis to be a great source of business referrals that she is able to access from her extensive pool of contacts and expertise built up over the years working with SME’s throughout East London and beyond. Mavis is someone who is always at the other end of the phone for help, support and advice and moreover someone with a comprehensive knowledge when it comes to what a business really needs to improve its marketing, social media and public relations knowledge. Mavis is also a great presenter and workshop facilitator. She always comes well prepared with great hand outs and resources which she is happy to discuss and share with all.
Fiona Latter – Client Relationship Manager East London Business Place

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